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The Canadian Center and student visa sponsorship opportunity for innovation and sustainability (CIBP) at GTA offers students the learning opportunity to understand the key challenges and pathways to sustainable development. We combine the knowledge and the expertise of different fields to develop suitable solutions to complex economic, environmental, and social problems.

One Program, Six Courses.

In our online sustainability program, we’ll explore frameworks and tools needed to promote sustainability. You’ll learn to identify opportunities, overcome barriers and influence positive change for your organization and the greater world.


Sustainable Development

How can we achieve a better and more sustainable future for the people and the planet?


Sustainable Management

How can we build a sustainable business and make ethical management decisions?


Innovation Management

How should we respond to opportunities and introduce new ideas, processes or products?l management decisions?


Digital Transformation

How will the digital transformation and new technologies shape our future?

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You will automatically receive your program certificate upon completion of all six required courses. These six courses will provide you with a deep understanding of the world of sustainability and innovation management.

When you successfully complete all required courses you will receive your program certificate without any additional charges or fees. The six courses can be taken individually and without any particular order. 

After completion of all six courses you will be Eligible to apply for a Canada Student Visa application.

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